Flat warts are a viral disease… How to manage

What is the identity of the bumpy papule that appeared on the face one day? As interest in clean skin is high, bumps on the face are a concern. It is just a small bump on the face, but it continues to attract attention until it is removed or disappears on its own.

The most common is acne, and small comedones or sores can be removed simply by extruding at home. However, there are cases where something that is not acne appears repeatedly on the face, and even if you try to remove it, it is not removed, but rather repeatedly appears, grows and spreads. What are these bumps?

The first thing to suspect is flat warts. Flat warts are contagious diseases caused by human papilloma virus infection. When the virus penetrates into the skin and acts, the epidermis proliferates excessively, resulting in tumors rising above the skin.

Unlike common papules that come up in a round shape, as the name suggests, it is characterized by a flat and flat shape. However, due to the variety of patterns, it may not be easy to distinguish them with the naked eye. Flat warts can vary in size from as small as the size of a tiny pimple to the size of a little fingernail. The color may be transparent or the same color as flesh, or may appear reddish. If left unattended for a long time, it may appear dark like age spots, so it is necessary to differentiate it.

If the appearance of a flat wart is not clearly highlighted, it is easy to mistake it for a type of comedonal acne. In this case, it is easy to take it lightly, thinking that it will disappear soon. However, flat warts can be distinguished from acne in that the site of occurrence does not coincide with the pores, and no lumps such as comedones come out even when extruded. If the pattern of the lesion is not clear, there are various types that make self-diagnosis very difficult, so a clear diagnosis must be preceded.

As flat warts are contagious diseases caused by viruses, they can be transmitted by contact or external stimuli. If left unattended, it tends to spread all over the body, from the face to the neck, chest, stomach, and arms. In particular, in the case of women of childbearing age, it spreads rapidly throughout the body depending on physical conditions such as pregnancy and childbirth. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with flat warts, early response is essential. This is because warts that have already begun to spread can be transplanted very easily to areas that are not visible to a bird that is not recognized. A prompt response must be preceded for effective treatment and management.

When treating flat warts, when the lesion is spreading rapidly, there is a very high possibility of recurrence even if the wart is simply removed. In this case, it is more efficient to perform immunotherapy rather than to perform removal first. In the case of flat warts that have been darkly discolored in the same place for a long time, they do not disappear even if left alone, so quick removal through surgery can be considered.

Since it is a viral disease that progresses rapidly and the prognosis varies greatly depending on the treatment period, a rapid response must precede the physical, aesthetic, and psychological sequelae to minimize the sequelae.

Help-Hwajapmong Oriental Medicine Clinic Bucheon Branch Director Park Seo-yeon

Jeju Transportation Welfare Newspaper, TW News

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