'Flinch,'; Netflix game show divides viewers

'Flinch,'; Netflix game show divides viewers

That seems to be the debate surrounding the new Netflix, "Flinch."

According to the streaming giant, game show is a new comic game with every simple rule 'Flinch'.

"The show is located on a remote farm in the Irish hills, where brave and silly rivals gather to test their nervous against three fiendish games," reads the show. "If they mitigate, there are painful consequences for them, and for our hosts, which both players chose to represent them in the games."

Not everyone is on board.

"Hey @netflix My husband and I looked at a trailer" Flinch "and you just lost two subscribers," one person tweeted. " "I'm not supporting" torture as entertainment "- what a repentance concept is there – with my dollars.

But some people discovered it to be entertaining, and one person tweeting it is like "Cute Man Factor," referring to the old NBC reality series which was subsequently revived by MTV where competitors were competing in extreme cases with them. live bugs are included to eat.

Some compared to other Netflix series, the Black Mirror sc-fi series which included storytelling about torture.

CNN has reached NetNlix for comments.


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