“Flood” Chumphon in trouble, 1,920 households

Heavy rain continues, “flooding” in Chumphon province, 1,920 households are in trouble, while the Gulf of Thailand has waves about 2-3 meters high.

Progress on the flood situation in Chumphon province Chumphon Provincial Public Relations Office Facebook page posted a picture with a message saying that today (1 Dec. 64) Mr. Somphon Patchimphet, Deputy Governor of Chumphon Acting for the Governor of Chumphon Visit the flood situation command area Flooding on Highway 41 in front of Wat Phra Borommathat Sawi, Sawi District and Thung Tako District, Chumphon Province to accelerate the drainage of large vehicles and public relations for small cars to use the bypass route from the situation of continuous heavy rain causing flooding in many areas of Chumphon Province

Initially, Chumphon Province There are already flooded areas in 3 districts, namely Lang Suan District, Sawi District, Thung Tako District, totaling 19 sub-districts, 99 villages, 1,920 households have been affected. In addition, many areas of Asia 41 roads have flooded traffic surfaces. Especially the 41 Asian road between Khao Bo – Tha Thong km 33+600 – km 34+000 both on the southern leg. and up to Bangkok In front of Wat Phra That Sawi, Sawi District, Chumphon Province, small cars cannot pass.

by Chumphon Province has announced to use the bypass. which those traveling from Bangkok Heading down to the southern provinces, stop the car or wait at the bus stop. or gas station in Mueang Chumphon District

If you have to travel further, turn right onto Petchkasem Road at Pathomphon Intersection, enter Ranong town and continue to Phato District. and Lang Suan District, while those traveling from Surat Thani Heading to Bangkok, stop the car or wait at the bus stop. or gas station in the city of Lang Suan District If you have to continue your journey, turn left at Wang Tako Intersection. Enter Phato District into Ranong Province

for big car As of now, Asia 41 roads can still be traversed, but caution must be exercised.

for preparing to prevent and solve flooding problems in Chumphon Province by establishing a provincial incident command center and every district to direct Coordinate incident response and integrate mobilization of forces and resources from relevant agencies. to support the affected areas as well as to local government organizations Establish emergency operations centers at all local administrative organizations. and organized a series of urgent actions to help people affected by disasters

by Deputy Governor of Chumphon Province Acting for the Governor of Chumphon and heads of relevant government agencies Go to the command area to help the victims and alerting the public to the dangers of heavy rain Flash floods and flash floods In the Gulf of Thailand, there are waves about 2-3 meters high. In thunderstorm areas, the waves are higher than 3 meters. with caution Avoid areas with thunderstorms. and small boats stopped ashore during 29 November – 2 December 2021

In addition, Chumphon province has set up a Chumphon Incident Command Center (front section) at Ouichai Market 3, Wang Ta Ko Subdistrict, Lang Suan District, Chumphon Province, call 077 510 709, 077 510 780 to take care of people in the area of ​​Phato District, Lamae District, Thung Tako District. and Lang Suan District and set up a royal kitchen at Chumphon Provincial Government Center Auditorium to prepare food for flood victims in the area

Photo/News Thank you Facebook page Chumphon Provincial Public Relations Office



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