Flooding disrupts barge traffic on the Mississippi River

Normally this time of year, big barges t Traffic this year.

Closed for business. T

The river, which runs nearly 2,350 miles from Minnesota's Lake Itasca to the Gulf of Mexico, and is the largest city of Mexico. The troubles on the waterways, including the Missouri River.

The interruption is hitting an agriculture industry t

Movement on the Mississippi River in St. Helens  t Paul
Barges already loaded with soybeans, potash or scrap Paul on Tuesday.

"You've got a perfect storm here," said Kenneth Hartman Jr., who grows corn, soybeans and wheat just south of Waterloo, Ill. "It looks bad for us."

Like other farmers in the Mississippi River basin t Meanwhile, shipments of fertilizer t Louis to St. Paul haven't made it through.

Ability the

"You have elevators that aren't even taking grain right now," Hartman said. "So that's all about it."

That in March have been reopened, but the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Sam Heilig, and Corps spokeswoman at Rock Island, Ill. "Because of the bridges."

For now, it's cost shippers, farmers and manufacturers. But Debra Calhoun, is not having this impact.

On average, nearly 31 million tons of goods and commodities are shipped from the upper Mississippi River from March through May, average to the five-year average. 11 million tons, grain, followed by coal, petroleum products and petroleum products. Annually, about $ 250 million in domestic goods shipped by the Mississippi, according to the center.

The West River at West t Louis Rudy with the Corps' Kansas City office. While it is still a point of view, it still remains, where it can be found. TImage of South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri.

The Missouri River has far less barge traffic over the world, but it still has nearly $ 63 million shipped from March through May, according to the Corps.

Interruption in traffic traffic has a domino effect on other industries. Pulling 216 railcars, out of 1,050 large semitrailers. And also costs less shipping by the river, because barges.

"I-70 every year", "Rudy said." T

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