Florida, a man who had sex arrested with a dog, launching online videos


A person about Florida is about to record video recording himself that acts sex on his Siberian husky dog.

According to the Sheriff County Pinellas Office, Christian Nichols, 21, is responsible for any Countdown of Crisis Animal Occasions. Nichol was arrested on February 11 in Chanansmar, which is between Tampa and Clearwater.

Delegates began their January 25 investigation after someone in another state contacted Pinellas County Animal Services for videos and photos on the internet with a man with a sexual contact with a dog. County Pinellas Animal Services reported to the Sheriff Office.

Detectors received copies of the video and the photos.

The video shows images of a man dressed in Husky's black and white dog clothes. The expensive man is seen in the video that has inappropriate sexual contact with a Siberian husky dog. Detectors say that the dog in the video was clear in acute. At one point during the video, the dog tries to run away and the man answers the victory that kills a sexy toy.

Through various investigative techniques, detectors made the video and photos tracked to Nichols.

On February 11, Nichols talked to detectors at his house. They said that Nichols acknowledged that he made the video with his dog, Ember, and shared it on the internet.

Nichols arrested. County Pinellas Animal Services responded to the town and Ember and the second dog sent them away from the Nichols home.

Resinators say that there are likely to be extra charges.

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