Florida coach Dan Mullen is delighted to be opening against Miami football

Florida coach Dan Mullen is delighted to be opening against Miami football

The Miami football game against Florida kicks off 2019 season with a special priority for the hurricanes in the colleges' 150th football season. Head coach Dan Mullen said he is honored to be involved in that game and that is the only game played at that time.

The Miami football game against Florida is the first FBS game of college football season 2019, the 150th sport. Miami and Florida will be playing for the 56th day, but the first time since 2013. These Giants have owned the hurricanes since Florida eliminated the annual competition after the 1987 season.

The Florida and Miami football programs played six times since 1987 and won the five hurricanes. Miami won the first four of these meetings between 2001-04. Two of these games took place in bowl games. The hurricanes won both Sugar Sugar 2001 after the 2000 season and the 2004 Peach Bowl.

Florida's single win came in 2008 with Miami bouncing back in the 2013 game. Miami has an advantage of 29-26 at all times. The most memorable came from Hurricanes' efforts in the 2003 backward epic. Miami scored the final 28 points of that game in a 38-33 peak at the Orange Bowl.

This year's game is being billed as a neutral position game in Orlando. Miami Shaq Quarterman suspect linebacker added WQAM this week that a neutral site will be there. The game was translated up a week to be part of the 150th anniversary of Coláiste Peile.

De Mullen was asked at the SEC Media Days which lasted almost a week long the importance of opening the season against Miami's football team and being able to build on the momentum of the Michigan winners in Peach Bowl last season.

Question: Coach, how important is Miami game in Orlando to open the season as long as it keeps the momentum going that these guys will take at the end of last year in the bowl game?
Dan Mullen: I think it's huge. I mean, there are many things that go into that game. The game is open in the 150th year of college football. So I am honored to be involved in that game.

The – everyone was really – you couldn't wait for college football to start, we have to start the season to go watching Florida playing Miami. And on top, be a great competition game, you know, within the state of Florida.

And, you know, it's not all played all the time, but there are a lot of traditions in that game and there are many people who feel that they have very strong views and that I am happy that that game is being played. play, and you will see that competition is very exciting.

And start the season. You know, what I mean is – it's huge – it will be a huge kind of catapult, you know, for one of the team. The winner of that game ends the season on the right note with a big win in a big game with lots of national exposure.

This is a great game for us. It's exciting to be a part of it, and I know our players are excited to play it.

In his second season in Gainesville, this is the first game played by Mullen who will train the Gators against the hurricanes. History has been assembled by one Mullen coach and Miami Manny Diaz. Diaz was the defense coordinator of the Mississippi State under Mullen in 2010 and 2015.

Forward: Manny Diaz emphasized the importance of Miami's new culture by ACC Kickoff

Diazis left the state of Missiisppi after the 2015 season to join Mark Richt's team at Miami to become defense co-ordinator. It was a movement that would make Diaz the main coach of the hurricanes three years later.

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