Florida Council Member Peter Joseph Filiberto was arrested

Florida ∙ Palm Bay City Council member Peter Joseph Filiberto was arrested by police on the evening of February 11. Police said he was arrested on charges of driving a motorcycle without a license, possession of an intoxicant and driving’ n reckless under the influence of alcohol.

On the evening of February 11, an officer with the City of Palm Bay Police Department saw a motorcycle speeding down Sago Palm Street. Police identified the driver as Filiberto. The police then chased the speeding vehicle but did not stop. Finally Filiberto stopped the carriage.

As the officer began to exit the police vehicle, Filiberto attempted to drive away again when he lost control of the motorcycle and overturned, at which point he was taken into custody for reckless driving, said the police.

English Summary: Florida council member Peter Filiberto was arrested


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