Florida Deputy Grabs Black Father by the Brush and Calls on Boy & # 39; in Modern Publishing Videos Movie

Screen: Office Defender County Broward Republic

According to the Daily Beast, the focus of the internal investigation into Florida after a film movie movie from 2017 is a Florida representative, not only trying a black father "boy" over and over again, while engaging with the neck during a laden submission.

The Office of the Sheriff Broward announced the internal investigation of Deputy James Cady, who reported that he had a false catch history, filed a complaint at Defender Public Defender Office in view of the body film piece that emerged last month

"This video shows a clear demonstration of police abuse," wrote Howard Defender, the public defender to the Sheriff office in January 30. "In addition, the message" boy "is the message from Cady's chairman who is aggressive, equivalent and defamatory. He makes racist connotations when it is used when facing black men."

The video, recorded by Cady's body camera outside the Dania Beach hotel, starts in July 2017, with the official asking for victim Allen Floyd, a black man holding his infant son quietly, if He has a "unique" room at the Red Inn Scarp before seeing claims.

Here's a breakdown of the video, courtesy of the Miami Herald and The Daily Beast:

In the video, Floyd, in advance, described Finkelstein in an attempt to "tell the story" the story, his name names his name and says he can "look [him] up. "

"If you once meet me, I'm looking for a donkey to a prison," Cady's answers. "Do you understand me?"

Then, Floyd puts questions on why Cady is "hitting" on him, and asks the deputy to stop "boy". As the father starts walking away, Cady takes him with his right hand.

"The official then takes his neck when he has a 9-year-old baby in his hands and pushed it against the car, and Mr. Floyd does not attend an aggressive way," Gordon Weekes, Executive chief of the Office of Public Defender Defender said, in a statement.

In the video, Floyd appears to extend his army open.

"I do not want any problems with all," says Floyd, relocating and identifying. "You stand there asking me a boy, building me on my neck." "

Although Floyd could not be arrested, he opted for a legal action against Cady because of fear of losing his son.

"I wanted to forget and they did not have any trouble with the police department," said Floyd. "The story was hurt, and I would not like to pay attention to myself when they made my son away. But when you call a black-haired boy, you seem to have diminished his character."

The Miami Herald notes that there is probably no affidavit, which is available on the Broward County Courts website under Case No. 17008749CF10A, not to mention Cady among the delegates present during the organization, as well as additional inconsistencies. As Floyd had no comment or explaining why the deputies came to the Red Carpet Inner.

But the importance of the same importance, look at the Cady personal file distributes a pattern of behavior:

Two Cady personnel files include at least two Internal Business investigations, including an employee not engaged in the use of an employee and a force in 2003. At the end of both cases, suspension is recommended for any day.

"It was found to have been liable to carry out tasks, engage with an individual and meet in 2009," allegedly in Finkelstein as a letter, giving William Pineiro complete federal accommodation.

Pineiro, who was awarded $ 250,000 total damages by a federal judge in 2011, was arrested by Cady during a Dania party. He said that Cady had faced him as a "football player" after questioning his name and badge.

"What is the fuck, would you like to catch, too?" Cady said that Pineiro had taken his friends, according to law.

The couple decided to host a separate Dania Beach party for $ 350,000 in 2013 after claiming that the official was arrested briefly over a noise complaint and repeatedly "stunned" with taser. Three receptions, including Cady, were also nominated.

"There is a pattern of behavior here that needs to be addressed," said Weekly.


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