Florida diseases are climbing to 87

Florida diseases are climbing to 87

By: Florida News Service
November 8, 2019

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (NSF) – Florida received reports of 87 related illnesses such as Saturday, an increase of nine cases during the previous week, according to numbers provided by the Florida Department of Health and the Florida News Service.

The number of deaths in the state remained due to the pulmonary illnesses at one. Nationally, 2,051 lung injury cases were reported resulting from the use of electronic cigarettes, or steam, on Tuesday, according to Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The illnesses were reported to the CDC from all states except Alaska. Cases were also reported from the District of Columbia and only from the US territory.

The federal government has announced that THC products play a role in the multidisciplinary outbreak and have recommended that people do not use steam devices containing THC, the chemical in marijuana causing caudal feeling.


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