Florida Ferrri-Driving Man gives Copy For Acceleration, 'Passenger & # 39'; Will Father Out. t

A Florida floppy drive at the wheel of Ferrari finished in the back of a police cursor after the passenger covered women to blew, leaving the driver to catch it promptly. The Miami Herald.

Gabriel Molina was traveling south in the Florida Keys when his trouble began, as police were traveling between 25 and 30 miles per hour over the speed limit. The Italian radar gun (name of model not disclosed) was carried at the radar gun at 75 mph, but quickly accelerated to 100 mph when police and police sire lights came on, and the officer was working. . When the show took place, Molina cut off the headlamps and continued on her way, allegedly escaping the police. But not long.

Some time later that evening, Sheriff Floridian 's descendants quickly found her female passenger, who remained unconscious, in a gas station that was not far from the original scene. After that, Molina admitted she was swinging, but she denied seeing the lights of the copper or when she heard a siren. Finally Molina said to the police officer “The car is Ferrari and it goes fast.” T

No, a friend of Molina had no connection with him, because, despite his denial, the woman (probably at this point) admitted that she had seen the lights and heard her. the seirens, and even she told the police that she inspired Molina down and pull over. Assuming that Miami's resident is able to go behind the wheel again, it is likely that he will choose his passengers in the future more carefully, or give them information about what not if it is drawn down.

It should not be a surprise that the Ferrari adventure was not the first rodeo played by a Florida man. Since 2013, nine traffic violations have been issued to him, one of them – waiting for him – at 100 mph in a 55-mph zone. The good news is that Molina cannot be accused by anyone because he has affected his fines relating to traffic on the local Florida economy.

This is likely to increase dramatically over the coming months, as the minimum fine for traveling 50 mph over the speed limit is $ 1,000 in most of Florida. The speed ticket is the least worry of this guy, however, because Molina was taken in custody after he had escaped and had a felony number fleeing and allowing a law enforcement officer and the lights and active siren. It is scheduled to be denounced on 7 May.

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