Florida gang adopted immigrants without closing and torturing a document as they thought he would not ask the police

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From left: Natalie Rebecca Williams, Joshua Aaron Greiff and Andres Rafael - PHOTOS VIA BROWARD COUNTY JAIL AND DAVIE POLICE Department

  • Photographs through the Broward County and Davie Police Road

  • From left: Natalie Rebecca Williams, Joshua Aaron Greiff and Andres Rafael

Police took three people who were stealing, stole and torture a man unfolded in South Florida because they believed that the immigrants were too afraid to call the authorities.

"It is believed that this group focuses on non-documented immigrants and steals them out of their money," says Davie Police. Mark Leone, according to the Sun Sentinel. "We believe that they are focusing on these immigrants as no files because they are less likely to report that the police are a crime victim."

The victim told officials that he was driving his Chevrolet Silverado in Davie on February 2 about 9 p.m. when he stopped at a stop sign. A person who subsequently identified investigators like Joshua Aaron Greiff, 30, was just facing the vehicle as Natalie Rebecca Williams, 34, came up to the front of the passenger, in accordance with the arrest affidavit.

Williams asked the victim if he could have a trip. When he refused, Williams changed the question as he ran inside the truck and wanted to open the door from inside and Greiff walked towards the driver's side behind the truck to sit behind the unmarked man.

The victim decided, with any, to give them a lift. Police say how they started driving, Williams knocked out a black-handed gun, loaded the firearm and said he was the victim.

They drove it to a mobile home in Davie, and then Greiff said the victim, he was arrested by the report. The victim told the police Police Greiff and Williams ordered him to leave his truck and walk to the mobile home. When they were inside, they took off his doll, tied up his hands behind his back and ordered him to sit in a chair. Police say he was a man, including Andres Rafael Greiff and 31 years of age, at home, as well as Williams, who looked like the tie park.

The people suspected the unexpected man to empty his pockets and then turned his face, neck, head, stomach and back. The victim said that the Williams police warned him that they should kill him because he saw too much, according to the affidavit.

The gang asked the victim's bank information, threatening to kill him if he gave them the wrong information. They dropped the $ 1,387 in cash in which the victim was in their pockets, and left his debit card and his keys for his truck.

Willians and Greiff returned to the mobile home and again threatened to kill the victim if he notified the police, the report says. The non-documented immigrant researchers said Greiff and Williams, because he is an "illegal alien", would be getting a police. Williams alleged that the victim was also threatened to prevent him if he notified the cops.

After running about 12 hours, Greiff put off the victim from the chairman at 8:45 a.m. On February 3, he gave him the keys to trucks and let him go. After going on the area, the man saw that the suspects took around $ 4,000 in tools he had kept in the vehicle, as well as damage to the Silverado.

The victim went to a clinic, where he got nine picking and treated for heavy bruising on his face, stomach and back, according to the affidavit. He stopped officials back to the mobile home when they got Williams, Greiff and Rafael.

Williams refused to stop the victim's arrest and robbery, but told the police that the unpopular man tried to rape it. She later said she had taken her back to the mobile home after the alleged rape and that others hit him, according to the report. At present confusing, Williams said that the police knew the victim for more than 12 years of age but his name could not be recalled. Investigators say that they told them that the victim voluntarily made their debit card and their PIN number so they can withdraw money, the report says.

Williams, Greiff and Rafael were charged to the felony count of armed robbery, abduction and intense battery. The three are currently underway at Broward Prison.

NBC Miami reports that police believe that more victims may be involved in this situation and will continue the investigation.

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