Florida girl, 6 years of age, dies after shooting, suspect turns her own - Story

– Update: Haines City Police Department said that Ernst Cherizard, who was 38 years of age, turned to authorities just after 2 pm. Sunday.

Frenel Elizabelle, who was six years old, died one of three victims who was cast during a domestic dispute in Haines City earlier this week.

Haines City Police said so there was a domestic dispute at Citris Ridge Apartments Friday night. They say that Ernst Cherizard, who is 38 years of age, shot Eli Normil, 23 years of age and her daughter, Elizabelle.

When the Normil family came to check her, Cherizard told them she wasn't there. Her aunt, Nicole Guillume, returned 48 years of age, to the apartment and continued an argument. That's when shooting police say Cherizard, Guillume, killing her.

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Eli and Normil dead. Elizabelle was alive but the brain was dead. She was shot three times, including once a head. Elizabelle was transported to the Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando. She was dead late on Saturday night, despite doctor's efforts to save her life.

The police are still searching for the suspected gunman, Ernest Cherizard. They say he fled in the 2011 burglary Nissan Altima, license plate GZN C82. He is armed and dangerous. A toll booth made 200 miles away near Fort Lauderdale recorded the plate early on Saturday.

The family of victims is surprised. “I was traumatized,” said Normil brother, Annel, “I spoke to her two days ago and she was like“ I'm doing well, I'm working. ”She is manager of one of the fast food restaurants in the Haines City area. ”

“I don't know it very much. He always speaks to me as he cares for my sister. He wants to marry her one day. It was always cool for me. I don't think he'd ever done something like that, ”said Annel Normil.

The family established the victim a GoFundMe Page to pay for their funerals and other expenses.

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