Florida governor sign a city measure refuge in law

Florida governor sign a city measure refuge in law

Gov. Ron DeSantis | AP Photo

DeSantis intends to sign the Friday bill at an event in the GOP-heavy Florida Panhandle. | AP Photo

TALLAHASSEE – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Friday is expected to sign a sweeping bill to ban cities of asylum, keeping campaign commitments to set up hard immigration policies which previously stopped in the Republican-controlled Legislature.

DeSantis is scheduled to sign the bill departing in a heavy-duty Panhandle Florida in the chambers of the Okaloosa Commissioners Board. The signature will take place as President Donald Trump prepares for a trip to Orlando, where he will start his reelection 2020 campaign on 18 June.

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Successful attempts were made with a Republican to prevent Florida at all times that it could alienate Hispanic voters and expend GOP political support in one of the largest swing states in the nation. That thinking changed after Trump and DeSantis had been elected after he had promised to tackle immigration.

DeSantis asked this year's legislators the bill to “uphold the rule of law and ensure that the jurisdiction of the city or county can not fight Florida's cooperation with our federal partners to enforce immigration law,” said his spokesman. , Helen Aguirre Ferré POLITICO published news first on the signature of the bill. “Public safety is paramount and local law enforcement agencies can work with the federal government to ensure that accountability and justice is one of our state.”

DeSantis has already stated that it would sign the bill, which would prevent areas from adopting policies to protect undocumented immigrants from expulsion. Under the measure, undocumented immigrants could be kept for even violations of the law and referred to federal immigration enforcement if they receive a detention request for them.

Critics questioned the need for the legislation, noting that there is no asylum city in the state.

The democrats and advocates condemned immigrants to the measure sharply. They argued the national controversy on immigration on the U-Mexico border by labeling a “household separation bill” and “bad” and political practice.

The legislation was one of the most controversial legislative sessions, drawing large protests in the Capitol state as the bill was discussed. Protesters were dealt with in the chambers of the House during the debate.

Bill supporters say that it would only affect individuals who have a crime.

Republican representative Matt Gaetz along with the two sponsored bill – is expected to attend the State Sen Joe Joe Gruters and Rep. Cord Byrd on signing the bill. Gaetz is inviting people to attend what is called a “big notice” with the governor.

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