Florida is the first school in a nation for guardians to carry long guns

CONTAE MANATEE, Fla. (WFLA) – A school in the Tampa Bay area is the first in the country that armed guardians carry long guns.

Manatee School of Arts is a charter school in Palmetto. The board can be employed independently and decide on the type of weapon you want to carry their guardians.

Bill Jones said he wanted guardians to carry an army that will stop honest and immediate threat.

"You have to ask yourself. Why do not I take the guardian with the equivalent firepower at least that someone is very likely to walk in the door?" Said Jones.

Each Florida school has a mandate that they have guardian on campus after shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last year.

Jones said they interviewed 600 applicants. The administrators decided on two men, the two veterans. They were also required to complete both guardian's training with the sheriff office.

Bullpup is called the gun style they are carrying.

Jones said that he received support from staff, parents and students when he came to the type of guns that the guards would have.

"I have 2,100 children that I am responsible for the safety and I still have no time to make this conversation about the gosh, we should do this or we should do it. Not today," he said. "Parents hope that their children will go to school and be safe and this is the most we face to face, but that is what is about Park Park .

County Manatee School area has no comment on the issue.

There is currently one guard working on campus. It is hoped that the second will take up training this week.


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