Florida law makers vote to help teachers who want to pass a state teacher examination

Florida lawmakers agreed in the House on Tuesday, it is time to help teachers who want to pass a Florida mandated teacher licensing examination. Last week, the Senate approved the bill which facilitates the successful teaching of candidates who repeatedly fail in the General Knowledge section of the certification examination.

For two years

, we have documented the frustration of teachers and teachers who wished to attend all the demands in the classroom but repeatedly failed to pass the General Information (GK) section of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination. The four examination tests examine the teacher's general knowledge in key subjects including maths, English and reading.

In 2015

, the test was intensified but roll rates fell to 30%. The significant increase in failure rates forced the termination of teachers and leading educators from school districts, colleges and Florida makers responded. Many of them have their own theories as to why so much of the test continues to fail. Some question the relevance and validity of the questions.

There are other suspects Pearson Inc.

, the controversial test giant paid to administer the exams in Florida and his scores.

Until this month, examiners were charged a further $ 20 on top of the $ 130 flat fee to repeat the tests. Even if a candidate had to take one part of the GK test again, they were charged to all four people.

Last month, the Education Board agreed

lower examination costs

. Earlier this year, we spoke to Republican Senator Byron Donalds of Naples who co-sponsored the bill to review the rules on certification. “We want to make sure that people looking for gains in the classroom can stay in the classroom because they are doing the job,” he told us.

Byron Donalds.jpg

The bill, which is now going to

Final signature by Governor

not only will it give teachers additional time to take and run the General Knowledge test, it also authorizes schools to retain teachers who do not pass the test but who consider their principals to be “very effective”.

The certification adjustments were filed in bills addressing teachers' bonuses and school vouchers. While these areas of bills provoked much debate in Tallahassee, little discussion was held on the discussions on certified changes.

Annette Sloan.jpg

Annette Sloane is currently a representative reading teacher

struggling to pass the math part of the exam

. To date, the test has been taken and failed 20 times. “It's crazy,” she said but will help with the changes. “3 years, that's best” she said. “The first year you are hitting things, especially if you're a new teacher.”

The school areas throughout the state are also proposing the changes

after looking at good teachers. Dr. Splash hit Angela Pruitt, who supervises hiring for Lee's school area, is with lawmakers before the session to discuss the need for change. She provided ideas on how to mitigate the constraints including the new measure that allows schools to retain teachers with proven records in the classroom. “I'm very happy. It gives us the ability to maintain some of those great teachers who cannot pass a single test, ”she said.

Dr Pruitt.jpg

But critics like Paula Haigis, a former math teacher who now brings herself to help teachers prepare for the test, believe that the tests are the problem. “I am not sure that this will be as productive as legal thinkers because you have to question the time you are really expanding.

Paula Haigis.jpg

Law makers say that these changes are just the first step but one that is needed in a state that does not want to find teachers but keep them here.

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