Florida legislators offer legislation to restrict gun violence

According to: Capitol News Service
February 13, 2019

Photo: Pixabay (MGN Online)

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (CNS) – The Florida Democrats say today Parkland's school shooting is the time to promote legislation that they say that hinders the violence of the gun. They are praising more than a dozen bills.

Representative Margaret Good of Sarasota wishes to put universal background checks on all gun purchases, including those between two individuals, who are now exempt.

"After the shooting of the Park, I made policies to prevent the violence of the gun and found that 96 percent of Floridians support the availability of background checks with almost all gun purchases. I also need background checks in states with fewer cases of gun-related crimes, "says Good.

Other bills include the prevention of an asthma rifle and red banner legislation that allows family members to tell a person who is a dangerous family and their guns should be put in place. They also tackle the PTA Florida, a plan for their teachers.

"Eighty-seven percent of the mass shooters showed crisis signs. Seventy-eight percent showed their plans ahead of time. But Florida is still at the bottom of mental health funding. We need to do better and we need , and should not, be the easiest way to get through guiding their teachers, "says Daniella Thomas of PTA Florida

Most of the ideas rejected most of the GOP Legislation last year.


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