Florida man explains why he sent his friend into his back yard

TAMPA (WFLA / NBC) – A Florida man says he made a mistake after accepting a friend to bury him in his backyard.

On Sunday, officials with the Sheriff Orange County Office said that a body had been found in the back yard of Greg Palermo.

Palermo said that his friend went – he stayed with him and died on a heroin overdose in his home. Palermo said he had been affected by a copy which was "after" and that he put his body afterwards.

"I put it right here," he said, standing in his backyard.

Palermo said he was respecting his friend's desires.

"He said it was mocking that morning when we were fishing that it wouldn't remind him to be put in my backyard because it's so nice," he said.

Police came to the property for a warrant to search his house for drugs. Palermo says that officials believed he was making a fall in his house, but he refuses to do so.

However, Palermo did not inform the agents searching their home about the body.

"I did it. I did a bad choice, I should be 911," he said. "Everyone said he was already dead but I tried to give him CPR for 20 minutes."

Palermo said that he had not been arrested, and the Sheriff Orange County Office did not respond to requests for comments.


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