Florida python hunters get twice as more than 1,000 are entitled to an hourly wage job with bounty incentives t

Florida python hunters get twice as more than 1,000 are entitled to an hourly wage job with bounty incentives  t

Florida doubled its ranks of python debtors last week and the state is taking the efforts to pour invasive species to destroy the balance of the natural food chain in the Everglades for a long time.

A group of people were standing in the grass: a huge 16 foot python was built with dozens of eggs in his nest from Florida Everglades.© FoxNews.com
A huge 16 foot python was removed with dozens of eggs in his nest from Florida Everglades.

The hunters with over 2,500 Burma pythons to date since its inception in March 2017 have been part of the state's Python Eradication Program, the South Florida Water Management Area (SWMD) announced on Thursday.

More than 1,000 hunters were expecting the opportunity of the invasive snake to use the Everglades to apply these 25 new openings, according to South Florida Sun-Sentinel. The area was looking for people who had experience and knowledge of the Everglades for an hourly rate of $ 8.65.

Bounties are awarded to the hunters based on the length of the phythons, the SWMD says on its website. An additional $ 50 is given for each python that measures up to 4 feet, plus $ 25 for each extra leg. Hunters bonus $ 200 can be collected for each python detected by nesting eggs nest.

Native to Southeast Asia, the Burma python is one of the world's largest snakes and is considered an invasive species. It began to appear in the Everglades more than 20 years ago when the reptiles were imported as pets, US Department of Agriculture on its website.

The apex of the APEX predator resulted in a dramatic decline in mammal populations in the Everglades, including endangered species. These snakes are eating animals such as birds and rabbits, and they take these food sources from native wildlife such as panthers, bobcats and alligators, which the SWMD said.

Statistics held by the SWMD show that most of the pythons removed are below 4 feet in total, 787 in total. Only three phythons were recorded over 17 feet.

A program like the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission worked 839 snakes, bringing total states to over 3,000 extinct pythons to date, SWMD said.

The SWMD board also voted Thursday to pilot the program to $ 750,000, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

"This is all of us who love the Everglades. We are putting our money where our mouth is and going with the fight with these invasive pythons, now way over and over many habitats," SFWMD Governing Body Chairman Chauncey Goss said.

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"Gov. [Ron] DeSantis loves the Everglades and ordered us not to leave any stone to end this predator that threatens the native species of Everglades, ”he said. “This is what we will do directly with our partners at FWC and Everglades National Park.” T

Gov. announced. DeSantis last month significantly increased resources to remove invasive snakes as well as plans to return the python as an annual event rather than every three years.

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