Florida registry can create prostitution for pimps and johns

TALLAHASSEE – Gov. Ron DeSantis could sign legislation that creates a worldwide registry for pimps and young people in an effort to combat human trafficking. But Florida officials are not stopping there.

With the Super Bowl and WrestleMania, hosted by the state in 2020, officials are looking for new ways to ensure victims are not trafficked on sex or labor.

“As I always say, not all issues need to be lawful if people are willing to take these issues voluntarily,” said Attorney General Ashley Moody, who chairs the Council on Trafficking in the country. People, Friday during a panel meeting.

However, a number of things are being put into state law.

During this year's legislative session, for example, one of the final bills passed would create new requirements for the operation of massage parcels, strip clubs and hotels.

“The trafficking bill is an example of people who eventually passed both rooms, why aren't you going to the last minute of the session,” Moody said.

Under the bill, owners and operators of strip clubs would be obliged to misbehave if they do not keep driving license records or their ID ID documents with photo identification and age verification.

“For massage parlors, it is also very specific in relation to the criteria… to hold and operate a massage parlor in relation to the conduct of your license revocation or not enabling you to operate or have a massage parlor. , ”Said State Rep Heather D 'Fitzenhagen, the bill's sponsor, told members of the council on Friday.

Ian McIntosh, the Florida Massage Therapy Association, said on Friday that his organization had “continued contact” with lobbyists during the legislative session to help tackle the language of the bill to influence the impact of “legitimate therapists”. minimized.

Parts of the bill targeting massage parlots were addressed after police accused Robert Kraft, the owner of New England Patriots and 24 other men to seek prostitution at Jupiter massage parlor in February. Police said initially that the sting was in relation to a human trafficking case, but no charges were made for that offense.

However, the demand for prostitution is seen as a “driving force that keeps trafficking in human beings,” says the human trafficking bill.

To prevent pimps and John, the law voted to create “Soliciting for Prostia Public Database,” listing the names, addresses and photographs of the persons who are convicted of pleading for prostitution. A person's name would be removed after five years unless he or she re-offends.

The bill (HB 851) was not formally sent to DeSantis. But Lieutenant Gov. Jeanette Nunez, who serves as deputy chair of the human trafficking panel, is the DeSantis administration “very worried” about ensuring that the state is prepared for the Super Bowl in 2020 in Miami-Dade County and WrestleMania in Tampa.

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