Florida woman credits believe sense for love for maternity photos & Florida man & # 39; viral - Story

– Tampa maternity shoot woman has gone viral, thanks to his "Florida man" aesthetic. But the mom-to-be is still a bit shocked by how much attention the picture got.

"One day, I want," This was the funny maternity movie, "said Lindsey Tuttle." I'm surprised that he has gone so far. "

Tuttle has nine pregnant months. She did not interfere in the traditional style of mammy shoot, so she came up with a theme that everything is Florida: flags, guns, beer, and gators.

"The idea came from the sections of Florida because they are absurd and ridiculous and cracked," she said.

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Born and built in Tampa, Tuttle works for a real estate marketing company. She and her husband put the knot year and a half ago. She says that the reaction to her photo is mixed, but she's cope with it.

"About me, I like humor and humor." This worked better for me, this is more representative of what I am, "she said. "It is probably surprising that many people do not understand the story and think about that as I live my daily life. That's okay. I do not remember it. It seems more exciting than I am. "


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