Florida Yoga studio shooting: Gunman planned attack for months, say police

What they found was a planning misuse and a woman's hatred history, said Michael DeLeo, Tallahassee Police Chief Officer, in the Tuesday afternoon news conference.

Maura Binkley, 21, and Nancy Van Vessem, 61, had a quick shot when his class fire guns at Hot Yoga Tallahassee opened on November 2. A further four were shot and a pistol was found before the guns got together to a mat, police said.

DeLeo said there is considerable evidence that gunman Scott Beierle, 40, has "anticipated this pre-planned attack" after showing "a life-cycle of misleading attitude".

The gunman bought the handgun used in shooting in July 2018 and called the Yoga studio the following month and searched for a map of his building, DeLeo said.

In the week, the resident of Deltona, Florida, searching for the Yoga studio class schedule, made a hotel in Tallahassee and bought a hearing protection and yoga mat at Walmart's store, DeLeo said.

The gunman had nearly 100 rounds of ammunition with the day of shooting, the police chief said.

A look towards women

During the investigation, police found a history of harassment towards women who ran from Beierle's youth until the day of the attack, the authorities said.

"The history of sexual misconduct began in the grade school," DeLeo said.

Gunman had sexual misconduct reports as well as inappropriate contact with female soldiers during his military time, with both teachers being their premises from teaching challenges in Florida due to sexual misconduct, DeLeo said.

In 2018, he was accused of being involved in a student in a school where he worked, the police chief said.

Yoga Florida studio shooter was arrested for women groping and crossing on the FSU campus

Although he did not live in Tallahassee, "the lifecycle of crucial attitudes led to the investigation of a familiar community that has been repeatedly arrested because of his previous violent activity for women," said the chief executive.

How to grow the horror

Police say that the guns left the Tallahassee hotel where it was waiting and arrived until 5:30 p.m. rang half an hour early.

He signed up for a class and told the reception he would stay outside to start, according to police documents. He decided outside the studio, saying little to anyone.

When the class started, he retrieved the defense and the hearing gun.

Subsequently, Beierle put the last victims of his late shot from behind. They did not allow them to fight with their attacker or die, "DeLeo said.

As he continued shooting, the other victim hit a vacuum cleaner, DeLeo said.

During the struggle, his army had a malfunction, giving others time to flee. When the shooting stopped, one victim heard that the gunman would make an unacceptable statement; then there was a break, and the victim heard one gunshot, according to the chief police officer.

Police recognize suspected guns and killed 2 people at Yoga tea in Tallahassee

"The victim looked up and saw Beierle on top of one of the dead victims," ​​DeLeo said.

Gunman & hated women & # 39;

Although there is no evidence for the suspect to be focused on a particular person at the studio, according to DeLeo, there may be gunman connection and the location of his guides.

Gunman in Florida shot a Yoga studio shooting inadvertent comments on YouTube, NYT reports

In 2013, the gunman told a woman over Facebook who said she attended Yoga classes in Tallahassee. His magazine had advertisements referring to the woman and there was a "threatening and mitigating nature", said the chief of the police.

DeLeo said the writing of guns showed that women in general hate the themes of "rape, torture and murder."

"Scott Beierle was disturbed by an individual who hated women," DeLeo said.

"There have been similar attacks throughout the country and we have a duty to identify people who are threatened to protect them and protect those who have been victims," ​​said DeLeo.


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