Florida's wife is under the influence of the school bus, and many other vehicles then leave sight

DUNEDIN, Fla. – A Florida woman looked after a school bus and several other Friday's vehicles hit the platform, but stopped when a man pulled out the keys, according to arrest report.

Alcohol Kristin Gerarde, 36, was influenced by the vehicles, the report shows.

First she met the back of a school bus, with children on board, the report shows. Then she drove around the bus and hit behind another vehicle, before returning again and hit another vehicle.

A man in one of the vehicles was forced to pull the keys out of frightening Gerarde to stop it from leaving the scene, according to the report. Break the key during its efforts and finished it up.

The deputies who wrote the platform responded that Gerarde was slurred in speech, eyes of blood and evil. She used to use the car to keep it up, according to the report.

Gerarde failed field sobriety tests and was not happy to answer any question after reading Miranda's rights. She was arrested with an influential drive and leaving an accident accident with property damage.

No injuries were reported from any of the accidents.


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