Flowers Bloom for Eight Years and Grow Infinitely – Wen Lan and Other Celebrities Send Blessings to’s 8th Anniversary Live Broadcast

A new king is born! With the arrival of the last moment on May 27, Inke Live’s 2023 “527” Ceremony ended perfectly. After 32 days of intense competition, dozens of anchors and many guilds entered a moment of glory.

As one of the classic IP events of Inke’s live broadcast, the 527 Ceremony has always carried the eager expectations of the host, fans and the industry. The platform has also prepared generous resource rewards for the winners.

Flowers bloom for eight years and grow infinitely – an eighth anniversary celebration program is coming

May 27 this year is also Inke Live’s eighth anniversary. During the grand ceremony, Inke Live also created a series of live broadcast programs “Unlimited Starlight Live”, inviting Jin Chi, Will.T (DMG), Deng Jianchao and other celebrities, popular virtual idol Yingying, etc. The carnival also sent blessings to Inke Live’s 8th birthday party.

Special Planning Program for Inke’s 8th Birthday

Treasure singer Jin Chi not only showed his hard power with a crisp mouth, and let people feel the infinite loop of China’s good voice, but also called 527 Wild Ceremony, wishing Inke a happy eighth anniversary of the live broadcast. What’s touching is that during the live broadcast, Jinchi noticed that the “Inke Live” Logo booth behind him was blocked, and there was no other place to place it for a while, so he kept the booth in his hand as a call. during the subsequent live broadcast Tools to reminisce with your fans about the stories you live with Inke. In the small details, the friendship with Inke Live is full of trickling rivers.

This year, the explosive work of rapper Will.T (DMG) “Temporarily Hugging Buddha’s Feet” in “China Rap Peak Showdown 2023” became popular. Performing this song live for “, the down-to-earth lyrics caused fans to refresh their screens several times, which made people say it was too enjoyable.

Deng Jianchao, the music creator of the new generation of music, adapted his masterpiece “Good Night” on the spot, and sent a modified version of the 8th birthday greetings to Inke Live, which moved the audience with sincerity; the virtual idol Yingying also comes from the digital world, through Talent shows, surrounding lucky draws, etc. are used to celebrate the birthday of his own platform. There is a perfect appearance without dead ends, a lively and funny personality and style hard core technology has once again attracted a large number of users.

Celebrities, anchor reps, brands… celebrate Inke’s 8th birthday

“Flowers bloom for eight years and grow infinitely! Happy 8th birthday to Inke Live!” Over the past eight years, the IP radiation of the 527 Ceremony has also grown stronger and stronger. This year, more than 40 stars, anchor representatives, loyal users and guild friends, including Wen Lan, Landlord’s Mao, Luo Zheng, Gao Qiuzi, Zhou Rui, Ma Zhe, Chen Xuening, Jin Chi, and Yao Chi, sent head wishes -one sincere year after another.

Wen Lan sent blessings for the 8th anniversary of Inke’s live broadcast

The 11 big brand IPs, represented by Bear Infested, Little Yellow Duck, and Teddy’s House, celebrated Inke Live’s birthday together, expressing their desire to work closely with Inke Live as brand friends for a situation where everyone wins. More than a dozen online screens such as iQiyi, and large offline screens in Changsha Tianhong and other places … The strong exposure of the full three-dimensional scene shows the strong brand appeal and influence of Inke Live.

Brand IP celebrates Inke’s live broadcast

Strong exposure full view online and offline

More than music, unlimited happiness. Although the annual 527 Ceremony has ended temporarily, Inke Live will bring new surprises to users. From June 1 to 2, the classic IP “Unlimited Music Takeaway” will start again, and the famous anchors will gather again to join the eighth anniversary brand partners BIGDROP, Pinpinxiang Tea, FancyBox, FSTea, etc., held a music event at the station, and prepared hundreds of mysterious gifts. I believe that Inke Live fans will spend another unforgettable and romantic summer time.


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