‘Floyd’ hits ‘Asakura’ on 25 September.

‘Floyd’ hits ‘Asakura’ on 25 September.

True ID serves up the excitement for the fans. continuous sports This time, it’s nice to box. Shot live, straight from the raw fish land. Japan In Super Risin battle in Saitama Super Arena between Floyd Mayweather Jr. unbeaten fist Get ready to enter the ring again who will fight a special battle with Mikuru Asakura Local samurai bloodbath Sunday 25th September via TrueID, streamed live via True Sports 3 (668) Starts at 10:00 am onwards

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the best American boxer The record holder for 50 straight wins and never lost. Prepare to return to the ring again In a special fight, which will meet Mikuru Asakura, a boxer from Japan. Skilled in karate and boxing, Asakura has experienced 20 MMA fights with a record of 16 wins, 3 defeats. Meanwhile, in the 16 wins, Asakura has beaten his opponents 8 times.

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