flu-pneumonia The silent threat that comes with winter

with today People all over the world are starting to return to their normal lives. after the lifting of lockdown measures COVID-19 wear a mask and have more travel Although the four main pathogens that cause pneumonia are still present: influenza, COVID-19, RSV and pneumococcus. This makes it more likely to spread from person to person. Especially in winter at the end of this year. including January-March and the rainy season in May-October next year which has a risk of patients with pneumonia having more severe symptoms Since it has been found that 10-30 percent of patients with pneumonia will have 2 or more concomitant infections. And there is a risk of infection in the lungs, the condition is so serious that they also need to be admitted to the ICU in the hospital

The most cost-effective way to prevent pneumonia is vaccination against pneumococcal disease which includes the flu vaccine Vaccine for covid-19 and pneumococcal vaccine Although there is currently no RSV vaccine, it is expected to be available in the 1- Next 2 years by vaccines in this group. It is very important for groups with risk factors for severe pneumonia, including young children under 2, the elderly over 65, and people with underlying diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic lung disease, kidney failure , and liver disease. .Y. Alcoholism. Including groups receiving immunosuppressive drugs such as cancer drugs Medicine for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, etc., because vaccines in this group will help prevent pneumonia and reduce the severity of the disease.

At the same time, a group without such risk factors may be considered as not needing vaccination in this group. But in fact there are other factors. hidden and can have consequences It should take into account the value of the vaccination. or injections for loved ones, such as injections to prevent and reduce the spread of infection to those around you Family members who may be at risk injections to reduce serious illness And injected to reduce invisible losses (indirect cost) , for example, if he is sick, you must stay in bed for several days causing loss of income from work All of them are benefits of vaccination.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also supports vaccination to prevent the disease, saying that ‘vaccines’ are the second highest number of man-made inventions after clean water. This can be proven from COVID-19, and if in 2021 the epidemic of COVID-19 spreads, then if we do not have a vaccine for COVID-19 that year the number of deaths worldwide will rise to 19.6 million, while the previous death toll from COVID-19 around 6.5 million worldwide.

Currently, a flu shot is the most accessible and convenient vaccine. The Ministry of Public Health and the National Health Safety Office (NHSO) have recommended that people get an annual flu shot every year. Especially those with high risk factors for severe pneumonia for free. People can receive the injection at a hospital or clinic near your home.


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