Fluke Krirkphon recounts his family’s experience of being infected with covid abroad for 5 months, spending 5-6 million.

After the end of last year famous former hero “Fluke Krirkpol” brought a young wife “Natalie Chearavanont” and little daughter “Natasha” to visit family and live abroad But he had to stay in America for almost 5 months because his wife and daughter were infected with COVID-19.

Most recently, Fluke Krirkpol has returned to Thailand. Ready to tell about the experience of being infected with covid abroad through the program “Saab talk Show” Before revealing that he lived in America for 5 months, spent more than 5-6 million, saying that the car rental was already 2 hundred thousand per day.

Wife gave birth to a baby Have you decided to go to America?

“Actually, we have been in Thailand for quite a long time, like 5 months, until one day Nong Lee said that Grandma Lee’s sister was sick and couldn’t get out of bed. He said we had to go see Grandma. We said it would be good? covid at that time He said that he had to fly from Bangkok to San Fran in order for Grandma to meet her grandchildren. Then we travel to LA before going to Lee’s sister’s house first. and decided to go to see Grandma during Christmas I mean, we’re going to go get vaccinated first. so that we can be really strong and safe then go see Grandma The results show that the injection can be used for 3 days. Nong Lee is addicted.

“I was confused, the jackpot was huge, when he came he was almost gone. Just go out to eat together. But most of them eat at outdoor restaurants, but there was a Chinese restaurant once. Probably that shop, guess what, when he got it, only 2 days later, Natasha got it, and 2 days later, the nanny got it. I was left alone.”

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