Fluke Thitikorn, former partner Lily Revealing life in Jenny’s camp Ready to answer the 2 hundred thousand contract tearing point

Fluke Thitikorn, former partner Lily Revealing life in Jenny’s camp Ready to answer the 2 hundred thousand contract tearing knot before clearing the drama accordingly #first butterfly

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Fluke Thitikorn, former partner Lily – after the former young singer Fluke Thitikorn The former partner of Lily Tear off the contract for 2 hundred thousand. Jenny’s camp can get it all if it’s fresh. to go back and follow my dreams

Recently, there was a trend on Twitter, the hashtag #the first butterfly. Has come out to reveal the life in Jenny’s camp if it’s fresh Ready to reveal about taking care of artists in the camp

revealed that the owner of a popular music label in the south referred to the contract which there is no agreement to pay 2 hundred thousand and the act of leaving the child when going to the concert to return by himself

At this event, Fluke Thitikorn posted a message to clear the drama, revealing that “Today I would like to talk about the main issue.
1. Was the fluke dumped at the hotel? After finishing work that day, I told him that I didn’t go to work anymore. But I didn’t ask him to take him home. This tells me that he didn’t leave. because I chose to go home by myself

But then it was in him. There were no cars passing by and there were no acquaintances, and then it was about 10 o’clock or 9 o’clock, that is, the elders had all left to go to work in Ranong, so I called my sister to call you. Grab it for me. Grab fee is 1,500 baht.

2. Who pays for the house I can tell you that I live with P’Palm, Phee Dew and three of me. The house fee is 7000 baht per month. I divide the three into 2333 baht each. Water and electricity bills are paid by myself. Money slips are available.

In the camp, there is rice to eat and cook every morning, noon and evening. This is true, no lack of meals, no starvation.
In the past, I was in the same camp as Jane. But in the latter part there is a personal reason, so I come out in front of myself.

3. About the contract, about this contract, I admit that I am a person who has not been in the camp for 4 years, so I have to pay a release fee of 200,000 baht because if I still have a contract. I couldn’t do anything in 4 years. Many people attacked me. Because of this, I’m very uncomfortable.

But what can I do? I still have parents. and students my family to take care of Makes me think that if I come out and contract, I can’t do anything. I’m not okay at this point. So I agree to tear it up.

4 Why prostrate? My father taught me that day that the first day he came by himself to beg him. Ask him until he can come in. If one day, he will go out by himself. can’t look at him How’s the first day? The return day must come like the first day. “I have to pay homage.”

In addition, Fluke Fluke wrote further explaining:The contract fee is 200,000, but that day I only had 200,000. Can I extend it and say 150,000? Another 50,000, I would like to take it with me in case of making music or doing anything else. because if I finish I don’t have any money When he can’t tell, I’m fine.

As for other matters, I would like to say nothing. I just want to talk about the main point that is being attacked right now. What I said doesn’t hurt anyone, but the fact that I have to protect myself. Hope everyone understands. Thank you. #After this, let’s just end this post. I don’t want to say anything. I’m tired. Please follow me at my work.”

After explaining the unsettling story, Fluke posted a final message saying, “I would like to thank everyone for the support. And thank you to everyone who commented in a bad way. But I want to say that what I’m saying is true. If I’m wrong in any part I’m manly enough to come out and apologize.

Finally, I would like to thank the old camp. And from now on I will walk my own path. Each person has their own path. We will not cross each other’s lines. Thank you all very much.”


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