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‘Fly Gaecheon-yong’ Bae Sung-woo replaced Jung Woo-seong

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Home theater return in 8 years
Joined the 4th episode in the second half

Jung Woo-sung (photo) is put into the seat of Bae Seong-woo, who appeared in the role of reporter Park Sam-soo in the SBS drama’Fly Gae Cheon-yong’ and got off by drunk driving. There were occasions when an actor dropped off during the filming of a drama, but it was very rare that a famous actor with a higher recognition took on the lead role instead.

On the 21st, the production crew of’Fly Gaecheon-yong’ said, “Jung Woo-sung has confirmed the appearance and will be joining the filming this week. Up to the 16th episode, which has already finished filming, edits and broadcasts Bae Seong-woo’s appearance as much as possible, and Jung Woo-sung leads the play from the 17th to the 20th ending.” Initially, the plan for Lee Jung-jae, who belongs to the artist company, which is Bae Seong-woo’s agency, was considered to be put into this role, but Jung Woo-sung came out as he was filming another drama. Jung Woo-sung’s return to the home theater has been 8 years since the JTBC drama’Paddam Padam’. ‘Fly Gae Cheon-yong’, which is currently in battle, is scheduled to resume broadcasting in early January next year after reorganization.

Earlier, in the 2019 TV Chosun drama’Survival of Joseon’, when Kang Ji-hwan, the lead actor, got off on suspicion of sexual assault, Seo Ji-seok was put in to finish the remaining episodes. In the 2018 SBS drama “Return,” Park Jin-hee filled the spot after the lead actor Go Hyun-jung got off due to a conflict with the production crew.
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