Flying to military bases and aircraft carriers in the Trump administration, the type of balloons have also been downed in Taiwan-Bloomberg

Chinese balloons suspected of carrying out reconnaissance activities have been confirmed to have intruded into US airspace several times during the Trump administration, with three of them flying near sensitive military installations and training areas. This was confirmed by several people who were familiar with the matter.

Balloons have been spotted around US Navy and Air Force bases in Texas, Florida and Hawaii, as well as around the island of Guam, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the information has to distribute.

They are also said to have flown near two naval ports in Norfolk, Virginia and Coronado, California, where the US military uses important aircraft carriers. The balloon which flew over Guam and Norfolk is believed to have radar jamming capability, and the time it flew near Norfolk, where the aircraft carrier is deployed, is said to coincide with the launch of China’s own aircraft carrier .

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