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A few days ago at the Yulon Law Conference, it was revealed that the new generation of Nissan X-Trail will be unveiled in Taiwan in December this year, and it will be powered by imported e-Power Sunroof, Bose sound system and more .

Nissan’s new generation of X-Trail will be imported into e-Power models first.

The new generation of Nissan X-Trail e-Power models will be imported from Japan, with 19-inch two-color wheels, LED lights with dynamic direction lights, ADB headlights, kick-sensing electric tailgate, panoramic sunroof, etc. . equipment.

The interior has a 12.3-inch digital instrument and a 12.3-inch touch-sensitive multimedia screen At the same time, it has a head-up display, wireless charging for mobile phones, BOSE audio, dual electric front which can be adjusted. seats, three-zone constant temperature air conditioning and an AVM surround view display.

The sales side revealed the X-Trail e-Power info, which has plenty of equipment.

Referring to the foreign second-generation e-Power power system, the VC-Turbo 1.5-liter three-cylinder turbo engine is used to generate power, and the main drive comes from electric motors. The single motor version provides a maximum horsepower of 201 horsepower, while the dual motor version can provide an additional 134 Horsepower, and equipped with an electronic four-wheel drive system e-4ORCE.

In terms of power for models that use fuel, it is expected to have a 1.5-liter variable compression ratio three-cylinder turbo engine, which can output 201 horsepower and 30.6 kg-meter torque.

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