‘Focus On The Present’: Ilhan talks to Esme Murphy Omar About Washington's Shaking Things Up - WCCO

‘Focus On The Present’: Ilhan talks to Esme Murphy Omar About Washington's Shaking Things Up - WCCO
MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – t She is at the heart of political unrest in Washington.

President Donald Trump has condemned the President, Ilhan Omar, of the President, threats to their safety, and today she is worried that she got married.

The Democrat is mentioned in the divorce divorce of Washington D.C., Omar wanted the other woman.

Today our Esme Murphy sat down with his colleague. We started asking about the claim that the other woman was filing D.C. this.

WCCO asked, “Are you separated from your husband? Are you going someone? ”

The Conference replied, “No, I'm not. As I said yesterday, I have no interest in continuing my conversation about my personal life and so I have no desire to discuss it. ”

Rep Omar also refused to discuss ongoing allegations that she had married her brother for the purpose of immigration at the same time – an allegation that had first emerged three years ago and that she repeatedly sought absurd.

WCCO asked, “It seems that there is negative publicity about your personal life that you don't want to comment on. How do you do it? ”

Omar replied, “I know who I am. The people who love me know who I am and what I care. I have three lovely little children and a family to look after me so my focus is on doing the work I think I have to do. ”

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In a short nine-month period in Congress, Omar has become a national and international figure in his public purse with President Trump, who has told her great and three other progressive congresswomen to return to the countries from which they came.

“I would continue to make that case with him, to set aside his personal vendettas and to concentrate on the task before doing the work for the American people,” said Omar.

With regard to President's “going back” traffic, Omar likes to focus on the recent terrible reception she received at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. She said, “It felt like being at home because this is my home.” T

She says that the little view she always has is the little girl, who has been in a refugee camp for years.

“I know as someone who dealt with hunger, very hungry,” said Omar.

WCCO asked if all the attention ever feels very much.

“No, not really. He never feels very much because I understand that if I wasn't shaking things that people would not interfere with, ”said Omar.

Omar likes to focus on issues she has raised, such as raising the minimum wage to $ 15 per hour. And she again dismisses the ongoing threats she finds to her own safety.

“I am comfortable about how long I will be on this world, and when the time comes when I am no longer here. That is why I focus on the present and the impact I can have, ”said Omar.

Omar is an immigration community forum hosted by Colin Powell Center in Minneapolis on Tuesday night.

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