Follow the dream “Peak Patrasaya” with the first song in his life. A new legend has been created.

after “Upper Pethasaya” Used to be open to an interview with preparation to be the only artist in the program, by word of mouth, Peak is excited to be a singer and asked the MC “Sani Nipaporn” to help with singing techniques in the middle of the show, by cause the female host “Sani” to arrive With the temple guard, it is not quite right.

Now I can only say one word: happy with her because everyone remembers that she sings crazy But I don’t know if it was then or in the past. Peak dreams of becoming a singer. and having a chance to fulfill his first dream was to be a singer and Peak believed that he wanted to make his own music well. and want the song to be in the heart of all the listeners I want to be completely satisfied with this dream, and she can do it, which secretly tells me that the song and the MV go one way, the number of views has increased to 192,370 times.

Scream instead, sis pan PEAKSayaa! Peeksaya (Peek Patrasaya) A heartwarming actor known for his role as the legendary creator who loves to sing. Coming with a small dream in mind that I want everyone to identify themselves as a PEAKSayaa artist! (Peeksaya)

From an actor who sings all the way to a full-time artist in the ENTERTAINMENT CARU label. He is the one who values ​​the listener’s happiness above all else. It is enough for the listeners to hear the climax and smile.

Peak said that “Key Jai” – Heart Key, this song can be said to represent Peak. The content of the song is about trying to communicate one’s feelings to someone through singing. to show his intentions that We try to send him love and good wishes. The specialty of this song is that it was written by Jap The Richman Toy to help write the lyrics and melodies, making it a song that has a bright and cheerful rhythm. and still a highlight Including how special this MV is, it talks about the peak that loves to sing. And want to sing in order to flirt with the hottest young hero like Thor Thanapob Leeratanakajorn, who plays the heroine in this MV, but Peak sings, nevertheless, never on the key. So he went to learn singing with Bobby Nimit Lakshmipong, a talented actor who plays Peak’s singing teacher. Try different ways to teach Peak to sing. causing pain to the teacher’s head but in the end The songs that are sung are straight or not in key. He’s probably right…just be honest with him.”

and “Actually, what I want to communicate is if we’re trying to do something with intention. Although it may not be perfect. But just doing what we love And passing on the energy to make everyone happy is enough,” said Peak.

You can watch the music video for the song “Key Jai” – Heart Key from today on Youtube/LOVEiS And follow the moves via Facebook: Peak Pattarasaya, Instagram Peakpattarasaya, TikTok: Peak Pattarasaya, Facebook: LOVEiS /Twitter/Instagram: @LOVEiS_ent

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