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A tribute-themed music competition show “Catch the Light!” jointly produced by Youku and Dragon TV and produced by Canxing. “We have met with the audience as scheduled recently. In the first episode of the show, the followers who have received much attention brought 7 wonderful stages, and sincere emotions touched the softness of the audience’s hearts. The highlights of this issue of the program continue to be staged at all times. 14 followers took turns to sing the love in their hearts, using singing as a carrier to sing the voice of the times with multiple expressions.

“Follow the light! 》Leading the simultaneous ratings with excellent performance. This episode of the program gained a good score of 1.20 for CSM63 city ratings and 1.12 for CSM35 city ratings, ranking the current 3 for the same period, among which after 00, the ratings share exceeded 6%. At the same time, #被姜潮高贵与恶震艳到了#, #刘也红衣戏响好萨#, #尚九熙初唱225的玫瑰仙儿# and many other show topics quickly reached the top of the hot search. Set off an upsurge of discussion on the whole network. The light chasers use their singing to create high-frequency emotional excitement, which brings the audience a shocking feeling of directly hitting the soul. The multiple genres envelop the deep core of thought and burst out infinitely memorable spiritual power.

  Multiple styles convey value expression

Create a spiritual habitat with singing

In the current rich and diverse forms of literary works, “Catch the Light!” 》Knowing about embracing the times and presenting more diverse forms of music. On this stage, the light chasers conveyed the different possibilities of music, and made quite personal expressions in terms of melody, lyrics, and perspective.

Sha Baoliang, who has a very penetrating voice, wore a denim suit and took the stage with an Afro head. The classic disco song “Hand Tractor Ski” well-known by the generations born in the 1970s was sung again, and the lyrics “the once-hot melody” were also re-interpreted. In order to “the melody once secretly”, while echoing Sha Baoliang’s masterpiece, he was quite ingenious. The brainwashed retro melody combined with the original “Tractor Dance” made the audience’s mood instantly warmed up. The years passed by in a hurry, and the years may be an understatement, but the singing will always embrace the dedication to ideals. Sha Baoliang also borrowed this cheerful music to “send to those who are still chasing dreams after 70”.

Sha Baoliang’s “Walking Tractor Ski” is given to dream chasers born in the 70s

Kazakhstan’s national treasure singer Dimash returned to the Chinese stage after two years of absence. The song “Stranger” astounded everyone. The bass that hits the soul and the penetrating treble can be switched freely, soft but without losing the sense of power. The singing in one go is conveying the belief in my heart to all the strangers, and also inspiring all those who are struggling in the foreign land: there is no need to be afraid when you come to a strange land. The strangeness sometimes means a chance for new life.

Dimash sings “Stranger” amazingly

Singer-songwriter Chen Chusheng took the stage with his new album song “Printing Life”. The song combined with the tune of his masterpiece “Did anyone tell you” and re-added the rap element. When the familiar tone comes to the ears of the audience again, the memory of the year is awakened again, and music naturally becomes a medium, showing its magical power to connect the past and the present through time and space. After listening to the light chaser Wang Xi sighed: “Music is a key, this key opens the memory of the past.”

Chen Chusheng uses “Printing Life” to declare his life perception

Liu Yechu’s stage “Beauty” drama stunned the audience

  Experience writing a fascinating chapter

Use music as a medium to portray brotherhood

Different from similar variety shows, “Catch the Light!” “Implementing the theme of tribute, encouraging followers to express their self-thinking and caring about the world, the first stage works present a diversified and inclusive diversity and diversity. Judging from the programs that have been online, “Catch the Light!” “There are both sincere stage works and fun and stalking reality show content. Sha Baoliang was full of social skills, and talked to the followers of his early experiences, and calmly said, “I used to be a lion dancer, and the lion dance won the first place in the country.” Yang Hesu, who is keen on fitness, took the initiative to talk to the introverted Yang Zongwei, saying that he had listened to his songs since he was a child, and thus succeeded in bringing Yang Zongwei into a friendly and open atmosphere among the followers. Sincerity is the best way to dissolve the distance between people. Music has become a bridge connecting mutual friendship, and it has become a fast lane for inter-generational communication. Zhang Weijian and Han Yu used the common topics of music and dance to start a hip-hop teaching class in the background. They taught and learned and had fun. They also successfully broke the barrier between age and profession and made their relationship closer.

Yang Zongwei neglects active communication due to his introverted personality

At present, the layout of the four major studios has been set, with Wu Jianhao, Wu Zhenyu, Zhang Weijian, and Zhou Xiaoou as the captains. The light chasers are about to meet the challenge of their first performance, but before that, there is still the formation work waiting for the four captains. The task of the room. In order to recruit the desired team members, the four captains began to line up, taking into account the aspects of dance and singing, and started the “grab battle”. Zhang Aoyue and Ni Kun were scrambling to choose, and the sense of competition burst out in an instant. The blood of doing their best for the stage has also been ignited, and it is expected that the fire of their love will become a prairie fire. In the next program, the chasers will also jointly open the chasing games, feel the cohesion of the team in teamwork, experience the spirit and charm of sports with athletes, and feel the light of life of hard work.

Ni Kun watching the performance of the light chaser in the waiting area

A tribute-themed music competition show “Catch the Light!” jointly produced by Youku and Dragon TV and produced by Canxing. 》It will be broadcast simultaneously on Youku, Dragon TV, Kumiao, and BesTV at 20:30 every Saturday. More exciting content, so stay tuned.

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