Followed until you found the company in the clip, kicking the face – flogging employees The real old clip Both resigned

Police at Sai Noi Police Station, Nonthaburi Province, followed up until they found the company location in the clip, the boss kicked his face – flogged the employee until he fell asleep. It was a clip 2 years ago and not a loan company.

The reporter reported that today (December 1) at 19.00, the news reporter met Pol. Pol. Witthaya Bawon Sikarin, Ph.D. Siphon Sai Noi. Ask for progress If the clip is shared via social media On the behavior of a loan officer of a company, both kicked. And whipped his men almost asleep

Stating that it is an event within the loan company And the employee was punished for collecting interest and loans. But not bringing money to the company There were no other employees who dared to help. In addition, it was stated that the said company has locations in Nonthaburi Province and Samutsakorn Province.

Pol. Col. Wittaya Bowon Sikarin, director of Sai Noi Police Station, revealed that after seeing the video clip, the Sai Noi Police Station, Nonthaburi Province sent a police officer to investigate the area indicated information Found the said house number as actually specified Which was found to be a residential house that looks like an office Therefore asked for the cooperation of homeowners to request the inspection of the house Which has been a good cooperation All rooms are examined without a room that resembles in a shared clip.

From an inquiry, the owner of the house gave information that the said house had actually requested to register a company. Business about jewelry Not lending And accept that the pictures that are shared are real followers in the company It was an incident 2 years ago when his subordinates had argued. Both of them are currently no longer working at the company.

In this regard, investigative officers asked villagers in nearby areas. Which confirms that there are no loans in the area where the company is located For events that occur Police officers at the scene of the accident are in the process of collecting information and proceeding.


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