Following Hanwha, Mirae Asset GA also turned profitable for the first time… Insurance rights, reorganization of judgment separation ‘acceleration’

Mirae Asset Financial Services, a subsidiary of Mirae Asset Life Insurance (GA), which has been in its third year since its launch, succeeded in turning a profit for the first time since its launch in the first quarter of this year. Earlier, as Hanwha Life Insurance Financial Services, the No. 1 company in the GA industry, succeeded in turning a profit for the first time, attention was focused on Mirae Asset Financial Services, which succeeded in separating ‘preparation (manufacturing + sales)’ for the first time in the industry. As the two companies, which showed losses due to one-off costs, turned into profits in two years, the insurance industry predicts that the plate separation movement will accelerate. According to Mirae Asset Life Insurance on the 6th, one of Mirae Asset Financial Services


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