Following Saemaul Geumgo, credit unions also suspended ‘Judamdae’… After the total amount regulation

When mutual finances exceed the limit on the total amount of household loans, they are stopping main loans one after another.

According to industry sources on the 29th, Saemaul Geumgo stopped selling four types of household loan products, including a home purchase loan (judamdae), at 1,300 safe deposit boxes across the country.

Mortgage loans for the purpose of purchasing a new home, including the balance loan for move-in, were suspended. The timing of resumption of the loan has not been set.

The reason for the suspension of sales is due to the total quantity regulation. The target for this year’s household loan growth rate suggested by the financial authorities to mutual finance is 4.1%. However, Saemaul Geumgo’s increase in household loans exceeded this. However, it has been reported that it does not exceed 5%.

In particular, household loans from Saemaul Geumgo increased by 898 billion won from the end of June to the end of September.

The products that will be discontinued at Saemaul Geumgo are ▲ household house purchase loan ▲ pre-sale housing balance loan ▲ MCI household house purchase loan ▲ MCI house pre-sale balance loan.

An official from Saemaul Geumgo said, “We have decided to temporarily suspend the sale of jumdaes until the end of the year for fear of a balloon effect due to the recent blockage of loans from banks.”

The National Credit Union also plans to suspend all new household loans from the 30th. Personal credit loans are also suspended. However, end-users can borrow Jeonse funds, and existing contracts are excluded from loan suspension. The timing of the resumption of household loans has not been determined.

The credit union’s household loan balance stood at 35.86 trillion won as of September, up 2.47 percent from the end of last year. It is known that the credit union’s increase in household loans this year is 4.3%.

A credit union official said, “We plan to suspend the sale of sub-dams from the 30th due to the effect of the total amount regulation.”

The industry believes that Saemaul Geumgo and credit unions will stop selling subsidy loans until the new total amount regulation is released next year, that is, by the end of the year.


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