Following the explosion of letters to Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad, this time a parcel covered in blood

Submitted to 8 diplomatic missions… Excrement found at embassy entrance, bomb threat

Following the explosion of the letter two days ago in the Ukrainian diplomatic mission, this time, a bloody package containing animal eyes was delivered.

Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, said on Facebook that the incident happened in eight Ukrainian diplomatic missions abroad on the 2nd (local time), AFP and Reuters reported.

Nikolenko said bloody packages were delivered to the embassies in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Italy and Austria, as well as the consulates in Naples, Italy, Kraków, Poland and Brno, Czech Republic .

Spokesman Nikolenko also said that the entrance to the Vatican embassy was damaged, and Ukraine’s ambassador to the Vatican explained in an interview with the Associated Press that the stairs, walls and doors of the apartment were dirty with a foul substance that is believed to be is animal excrement.

In addition, the Ukrainian embassy in Kazakhstan was threatened with a bomb attack, and a letter containing articles criticizing Ukraine was delivered to the Ukrainian embassy in the United States, said Nikolenko.

“There is reason to believe that terrorism and intimidation targeting Ukrainian embassies and consulates is planned,” said Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleva.

Another suspicious package was delivered to the Ukrainian embassy in Spain on the same day, and the police evacuated people and sealed the embassy.

The Interior Ministry said the package contained no explosives and may contain similar contents to packages delivered to other Ukrainian embassies.

At the Ukrainian embassy in Spain, a letter containing gunpowder and a detonator was delivered by regular mail on the 30th of last month, and one employee slightly injured his finger when opening the letter.

Before and after the incident, similar letters were sent to the Spanish Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Defense, the air base where the European Union satellite base is located, the US embassy in Ukraine, and munitions factories to processing by the police and security. teams.

Spain believes the letters were sent from Spain and is investigating.

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