Home News Following the freeze of a Thai young woman taking a Lao girl Sneaking into the country after coronavirus sickness

Following the freeze of a Thai young woman taking a Lao girl Sneaking into the country after coronavirus sickness

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Arrested Thai young Laotian girls fleeing into the country Accompanied by COVID-19 after treatment at Nong Khai Hospital until he recovered. Prosecute

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On April 30, 2021, Pol. Col. Kasem Muthaporn, Ph.D., Muang Nong Khai Police Station Pol. Pol. Pol. Tanin Inthaporn, Pol. Pol. Pol. Nong Khai Submissions. Lt. Col. Apichat Klatha, Police Lieutenant Colonel Putthichai Chanthong, Police Pol.

He seized Mr. Chit Phol Chan Khao, age 30, from Roi Et province. And Mrs. Dao Wadi Veelakorn, 25 years old, a resident of Chai Chettha Vientiane Metropolitan Region, Lao PDR, at Nong Khai Hospital To prosecute after both people cured COVID-19 until they recovered.

Due on April 23, 64 Pol. Lt. Colonel Apichat Klatha, Immigration Dept., Nong Khai Province Has reported to the police, Muang Nong Khai Police Station Ready to bring an arrest warrant of the Nong Khai court Prosecuting Mr. Chitpol Chankhao and Mr Thanakrit Inthring, 31 years old, from Mahasarakham province.

On the basis of the offense of being a Thai national, entering and exiting the Kingdom without passing through the port or station area according to the announcement in the Ministerial Regulation. And did not pass the inspection of the immigration officer on that route and jointly provided assistance, concealed or assisted by any means in order to prevent foreigners entering the Kingdom illegally from being arrested

And report the fault of Mrs. Daowadee on the basis of the offense as a foreigner entering and staying in the Kingdom without permission But since the three of them were sick and tested for COVID-19 infection, they had to get medical treatment at Nong Khai Hospital.

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Preliminary both Mr. Chitaphon And Mrs. Daowadee To confess to being actually smuggled into and out of the country But did not ask for the purpose of holding Which the investigation officer of Muang Nong Khai Police Station Will continue to proceed according to the law

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