Following the U.S. and NATO, the European Security Cooperation Organization is also empty-handed… Difficulty in Ukraine crisis

We had a meeting in Vienna, but only confirmed the difference in positions and ended
US WP “Weekly summit failed” Russia’s TAS “I didn’t receive a clear answer”

▲Poland Foreign Minister Zbigniev Lau holds a press conference in Vienna on the 13th (local time).  Bin/Shinhwa News

▲Poland Foreign Minister Zbigniev Lau holds a press conference in Vienna on the 13th (local time). Bin/Shinhwa News

The international community negotiated a relay over Russia and Ukraine for a week, but to no avail.

According to German media Deutsche Wele (DW) on the 13th (local time), Russia and 57 members of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) held talks over the Ukraine crisis in Vienna, Austria.

It is reported that the meeting on this day only confirmed differences in the positions of the two sides, just like the previous meetings held by the United States or NATO.

“The risk of war in the OSCE region is greater than at any other time in the past 30 years,” said Poland’s foreign minister, Zbigniev Lau, who chairs the OSCE.

In response, Russia, which opposes Ukraine’s accession to NATO and NATO’s deployment of missiles aimed at Russia, expressed its uneasy feelings. “We urge member states to abandon the erroneous and dangerous logic of viewing Russia as an enemy and use a consultative mechanism to resolve the issue,” said Alexander Lukashevich, Russia’s ambassador to the OSCE.

In a separate meeting, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova strongly criticized the OSCE, even referring to the Kazakh situation. “OSCE has shown absurd indifference to the situation in Kazakhstan,” he said. “Where is the leadership in the organization? Were you all having a holiday?” he asked. He also asked, “Are you reading the news from Kazakhstan or Ukraine?”

In the end, the three rounds of talks ended without resolving differences between Russia and Western countries. The Washington Post (WP) summed up “the talks held in Europe this week have failed to resolve the issue”, while Russia’s TASS news agency said that “Russia did not receive a clear answer on security,” and both sides were without income. got back



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