| Food shortages in Syria and Turkey: United Nations Seeking international help

Geneva: The United Nations has sought international help to distribute food items to Syria and Turkey, where the shortage of essential items is severe. After this, sports organizations came forward with help.

The United Nations plans to distribute cooked food as extreme cold continues in the distressed area. According to the United Nations, around 900,000 people are in severe food shortages. The International Olympic Committee has offered Rs 82.5 crore and the European Football Association has pledged Rs 1.76 crore as the first step. The English Premier League will also pay Rs 19.91 crore.

32,000 natives and 8,294 foreigners are participating in the rescue operations. At the same time, the disaster area also witnessed clashes between rescue teams from different parts of the world. An army spokesman told the news agency that 82 Austrian soldiers stopped rescue operations on Saturday after the security situation worsened. An army spokesman said there were clashes between rescue teams. However, he was not ready to release the details in this regard. The United Nations has called for rescue workers to be allowed into areas controlled by the Kurds and Syrian rebels. The human rights department had asked the other day. Meanwhile, the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which has been fighting for a long time, has announced a temporary ceasefire.

Although the rescue work in Turkey is almost smooth, the situation in Syria is dire. In rebel-held north-west Syria, around 4 million people are said to be suffering. No relief supplies have arrived here from government controlled areas. Syrian government sources said they had given permission to send humanitarian aid to areas hit by earthquakes outside their control.

The United Nations calls for permission to open new humanitarian aid centers across the border between Turkey and Syria Secretary General Antonio Guterres called on the Security Council. United Nations to discuss the Syrian issue next week The rescue committee may meet. Turkey also said it was working to open two new routes to rebel-held parts of Syria.


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