Football 18 years, PE Department, 6 pairs

18-year football, the Department of Physical Education, on Tuesday has 6 pairs of kicks, long “Chainat – Suan Kularb – Tha Kham”

Idemitsu Football Competition for Year 2022 students of the Department of Physical Education, Class 18, League K, presented by Eco Sport, to win the Royal Cup Somdej Phra Kanitthathirat Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on day Tuesday, September 20, 2022. There are 6 pairs of kicks. Chalerm Phrakiat Football Stadium, Khlong 6, Pathum Thani has 4 pairs of kicks, and Ratchawinit Bangkaew School Stadium has 2 pairs of kicks.

At Chaloem Phrakiat Stadium, Khlong 6, time 09.00 hours, Tha Kham Pittayakom meets Surasak Montri / time 11.00 hours, Nakhon Sawan Municipal School meets Wat Suthiwararam / at 13.00 hours Khon Kaen Sports School meets Nakhon Pathom 15.00 Bangkok Conference meets Thepsirin, while the other two pairs compete at the Rajawinit Bangkaew School Stadium at 1:00 PM Suankularb Wittayalai meets Wachiralai Chiang Mai, and at 3:00 PM Phonimit Wittayakom meets Chainat Provincial Administrative Organization.
Tha Kham Pittayakom (4) – Surasak Montri (7)
Tha Kham… (2 games, 1 win, 1 loss, last game Sarawittaya won 1-0), though fit well. But many players still don’t understand the system as well as they should meet Surasak Montri Although the form is starting to improve This game, if Tha Kham can’t be stopped, the chances of being sacked are high. expected score, Tha Kham won 1-0.
Nakhon Sawan Municipal School ( 5 ) Meeting with Wat Suthiwararam ( 8 )
Nakhon Sawan… Recently, just lost to Wichuthit 0-7, which is considered a very brutal score. Because the players in the team have just recovered from the influenza A strain, so there is no strength, this match meets Wat Sutthiwararam. who still can’t find the form also Thonburi Hypothesis 0-3 in this game, Nakhon Sawan. The body is better than before. I think the fight with Wat Sutthi will be fun The odds are always high, but look at Nakhon Sawan a little better. Should be able to beat 1-0
Khon Kaen Sports School (4) meets Nakhon Pathom Municipal (8)
Khon Kaen… the last match Bangkok Hypothesis won 3-0, while “Nakhon Pathom”, the latest match, drew with Wachiralai 1-1, looking at the odds. Khon Kaen Sports School is clearly better than Wachiralai. The opportunity will come back to Vajiralai immediately. This pair is credited. Khon Kaen Sports School won 1-0.
Bangkok Hypothesis (6) meets Sai B’s Thepsirin (5).
Bangkok Assumption…just lost Khon Kaen Sports School 0-3, while Thepsirin, the latest game, makes it continue to shock, just lost 1-4, Chainat Provincial Administrative Institute. The team needed to open the game together from the first moment, most importantly, the lack of Thepsirin was the main force to go to the national team under 20, believed that Bangkok Hypothesis would be better and successfully defeated 2-0.
Suankularb Wittayalai ( 3 ) meets Wachiralai Chiang Mai ( 7 )
Suan Kularb … 1 win, 1 loss, with 3 points in the latest game, Nakhon Pathom won 5-0, while Wachiralai lost 2, drew 1 in the latest game, drew Nakhon Pathom 1-1. Compared to the form of the two teams and the opponent Nakhon Pathom, it can be seen Obviously, the rose garden has a better performance. This match therefore clearly shows that Suan Kularb should be able to win at least 2-0.
Phonimit Wittayakom (2) meets Chainat Provincial Administrative Organization (1).
This pair is a “big game” of Line B. From Chainat Provincial Administrative Organization, they competed in 3 games, winning consecutively as the leader of Line B. The latest game has just won Thepsirin 4-1, while Phonimit competing in 2 games, winning together as well as the latest.. winning 3-1
PAO Chainat is a team with a good playing system, full tank fit, flashing attacking game. ready to close the score at any time But the defensive game is not as good as it should be. Phonimit is a team with a very good defensive game. and will use the back rhythm as the best The front pair can close the score. Another good team was considered. If this matches in the first 20 minutes, Chainat Provincial Administrative Organization cannot open the score first, it must be said that the symptoms are worrying. But if the score is cleared quickly The chance to have a second child will definitely follow as well, giving the Chai Nat Provincial Administrative Institute a 1-0 win.
And here is the opinion of all 6 pairs, analyzed by “Dum On Nut”.

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