Football fans under he continued! Songkhla lays an unquenchable queue for Leo Chiang Rai on 30 July.

Football fans in the south are waiting to see Thai League players on the edge of the stadium behind Songkhla, preparing to warm Leo Chiang Rai on July 30

Songkhla FC, the famous Thai League 3 southern zone team, announces a warm-up match to welcome Leo Chiang Rai United in LEO FRIENDLY MATCH 2022 on July 30.

Songkhla recently organized the Sailing Tai Cup 2022 that invites famous Thai League teams such as Port FC, Chonburi FC and Police Tero FC to compete in the pre-season. Tinsulanonda Stadium, Songkhla Province, which has received a lot of response from fans by Singha Chao, with Scott Cooper in charge of the army as the first item to lead the team to win the championship.

At the same time, football fans in the south in Songkhla province Prepare to join the footsteps of the famous Thai League football players on the edge of the field again when Songkhla FC prepares to join the warm Leo Chiang Rai United on July 30 at Tinsulanonda Stadium, Songkhla, by selling tickets at a price of 60 baht (amphitheater without roof) price 100 baht (normal VIP amphitheater) and 150 baht (VVIP 3rd floor with roof)

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For Songkhla FC will meet Leo Chiang Rai United in a warm-up game LEO FRIENDLY MATCH 2022 on Saturday, July 30, 2022 at 5:00 PM. There will be no vaccinations at the event. But please bring a mask. and food is not allowed to be eaten in the stands except for drinks


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