Football results last night, Chelsea v Manchester United, Sunday, November 28, 64

English Premier League football match season 2021-22 on Sunday night, November 28, 64 interesting pairs. “Lions Navy Blue” Chelsea, the team at the opening of Stamford Bridge Stadium, received the visit of “Red Devils” Manchester United.

Opening the first half, 2 minutes, Chelsea greeted first from the moment Hakim Ziyech returned to shoot in the penalty area, the ball deflected Victor Lindelof, but David De Gea was not lost and saved.

A minute later, Chelsea had another chance to win, Callum Hudson-Odoi dropped to a shot in the penalty area, but David De Gea was still tough to use his legs to save.

Then, in the 30th minute, Chelsea came again, Antonio Rudiger hit with a right from outside the box. The ball crashed into the beam.

31st minute: Chelsea’s attacking line, Timo Werner. Pull the ball in front of the penalty area. before right The ricochet ball fell off the first post.

In the 35th minute, Manchester United almost conceded a goal from the moment Bruno Fernandes passed the ball in the wrong field into the direction of Callum Hudson-Odoi, took the ball into the penalty area, but fired too lightly into David De’s hand. Kea

38th minute Manchester United players A bad tackle came in the direction of Reece James shot from far right. The ball fell off the first post.

Into the stoppage time, 45+1 minutes, Chelsea’s chance Reece James opened a free-kick on the left side into the penalty area. The ball bounces on the floor to go into the goal, but David de Gea can brush away.

Returning to play in the second half, in the 50th minute, Manchester United scored a 1-0 lead from the moment Bruno Fernandes hit the ball in front of Jorginho, the Chelsea midfielder caught the ball into the Jaja. Don Sancho had a single drop before firing past Eduard Mendy.

Then, in the 69th minute, Chelsea got a penalty from the moment that Thiago Silva was fouled by Aaron-Wan-Bissaka and Jorginho was responsible for killing without fail, leading Chelsea to equalize 1. -1

The rest of the time, both teams can’t do anything more. End of the game, Chelsea always open home, Manchester United 1-1, divided by points, Chelsea have 30 points, leading the crowd next. As for Manchester Lester United has 18 points and is ranked 8th.


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