[Football]Liwandowski defends the best international game of the year “Goal King” C Lang won the special award

[Sports Road News]The FIFA Awards Ceremony was held in the early hours of Tuesday (18th) Hong Kong time. The 33-year-old Bayern Munich striker Lewandowski beat Metz and Shana to win the annual award for two consecutive years. Best Men’s Player. As for C Ronaldo, who failed to make the top three, he was awarded a special award for breaking the international scoring record.



This year’s award ceremony was held online. Poland international Liyundowski scored 51 goals in 45 matches for the club and the national team last year, and helped Bayern win the Bundesliga, and Poland also qualified for the World Cup. Playoffs. As for the Europa League champion Che Lushi, he won the best coach and the best goalkeeper in a row. After Du Cao was appointed as the coach of “Chezai” in January last year, he led the team to the championship in the Europa League that season. As for the Senegalese goalkeeper Aidua Wendi, who joined in the same season, he is the first African goalkeeper to win this award.

Although C Ronaldo ranked 7th this year and failed to make it to the top three of the year, he was also awarded the FIFA Special Award. In September last year, in the World Cup qualifying match against Ireland, he broke the international scoring record of 110 goals by the Iranian star Dey, and now C Long has also pushed the record to 115 goals. C Long was also selected for the team of the year, but Liverpool striker Shana, who was third in the men’s player of the year, was not in the lineup. Nalonma, the goalkeeper who helped Italy win the European Cup of Nations, was also included in the list.

The best lineup of the year

Goalkeeper: Donna Longma (AC Milan/Paris Saint-Germain)
Defenders: Ainabar (Bayern Munich/Real Madrid), Bonlus (Zouendas), Rubin Dias (Manchester City)
Midfielders: Dibney (Manchester City), Zojino (Celus), Jandi (Celus)
Forwards: C Ronaldo (Zouendas/Manchester United), Charant (Dortmund), Lijendowski (Bayern Munich), Metz (Barcelona/Paris Saint-Germain)

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