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[Football]Rome loses six miserably in Europe

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[Sports Road News]Serie A’s front-line team Roma was in the Europa League C group match on Thursday (21st), and was attacked by the Norwegian Super League team Poduki Linte 1:6, and the leader Morino swallowed more than The most goals conceded in a single game in 20 years of coaching career.

足球, 歐洲協會聯賽, 意甲, 羅馬, 摩連奴

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足球, 歐洲協會聯賽, 意甲, 羅馬, 摩連奴

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Before the match, Roma won the top spot in the group with two wins. In this match, the match was played on artificial turf in cold weather as the away champion Poduki Lint of the Norwegian Super League. Moro took away a few players who were selected in this battle, made a certain degree of change, but ultimately lost a miserable match. The home team is clearly better than Roma in possession of the ball, the number of shots or the number of mid-frames in this game. Poduki Linte had a 2-0 lead as early as the first half. Visiting midfielder Kalis Perez was in the 28th minute, and Rome fell 1:2 at halftime.

After the change of sides, Poduki Lin was very powerful. The striker Elli Pauphim, who had already scored in the first half, scored another goal. In addition, midfielder Subagen scored twice in 9 minutes, and Emma Perkins also scored. Scored the goal, pawn broke Roma 6:1. This is the first time that Morino, who has been a coach since 2000, has conceded 6 goals in a single game since his 1,008 matches in his 20-year career.

足球, 歐洲協會聯賽, 意甲, 羅馬, 摩連奴

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足球, 歐洲協會聯賽, 意甲, 羅馬, 摩連奴

(Photo Credit:CBS Sports Golazo Twitter)

After the game, the coach said: “I decided to make this lineup to challenge, so the responsibility lies with me. My original intention of doing this is good, that is, to give opportunities to players who have been working hard, and to allow players to rotate in cold weather. Moro continued: “I have never pretended that we are a team with a lot of resource constraints. We have 13 players on our team, and the other players are at different levels. We lost to this game tonight. It’s that simple to play a better team.”

Morino, who started coaching Rome this season, once led Real Madrid in 2010 and defeated his rival Barcelona 0:5.

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