For 12 days, the body of “Nong Marwin” was not found and the scanned object has moved from the original spot.

rescue worker Mon.Kanchanaburi Still looking for the body of Mr. Mawin Netdecha, 18 years old, or “Nong Mawin” isdescendfromjet ski then drown and lose insideSrinakarin Dam Since October 24, 2022, relentlessly and relentlessly, in the midst of many obstacles Especially the water level that is deeper than 100 meters. Today (5 November 2022) enters the 12th day. In the search, but still no sign to find the body of “Nong Marwin”

Nonthakit Namkaew, an official from the Phithakkan Foundation and the Cholakan Team, revealed that the search for the body of “Nong Mawin” has been used in all ways in the past, includingsuperstition ascience But still no sign of his brother’s body was found. But yesterday (4 November 2022) seemed to be the closest to the truth.

After the owner of Startech Marine Co., Ltd. broughtsona sound machine scanresembling a human figure At a depth of about 108 metres, then bring the location found to the map.Royal Irrigation Department It can be seen that the figure is next to the old waterway.

A second scan was then carried out at around 2 pm and it was found that the location of the suspect object had moved about 5 meters from the original and had changed its shape to another.

12 days, still no body found 12 days, still no body found

whicha droneCurrent can search underwater to a depth of only 100 meters, so it can’tsend a survey droneYes, the staff decided to inform Mawin about the information.

Mom then coordinated with the agency that has underwater search drones at a depth of 200 meters, which today would start looking for the suspicious object.

The reporter further reported that Ms Kesara or Kae Fuengfu, Nong Marwin’s mother, shared Facebookof “Pitakcheep Adult Beer” and said “Thank you to all departments. We’ve traveled a long way since yesterday” from Facebook of “Adult Pitakcheep Beer” posted, “This morning, on a mission to find Marvin. Today we move a large fleet of ships. Several units with underwater drones from the Dragon Rescue Unit, Chonburi Disaster Response Team I wish you good news today.”

In addition, Mawin’s mother also shared a Facebook page called “Pui Sai Entertainment”, which stated that “Report on the progress of the search for Nong Marwin’s body inSrinakarin Dam wayRoyal Irrigation DepartmentThe Sunderer was brought in to scan for suspicious objects within a depth of 105 metres. Now the adults are coordinating to request the National Disaster Response Center’s underwater drone to check out the scanned objects. #Now the teamunderwater droneDragon Rescue Squad led by Kamnan Travel Man from Chonburi Support the scene at this time. #Wish it was good news.

12 days, still no body found 12 days, still no body found 12 days, still no body found

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