For eight years!The key reasons why Microsoft’s Xbox sales beat Sony’s PS console

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According to the latest game console sales report released by Japan’s “Famitsu”, Microsoft’s Xbox has won the Sony PlayStation console for the first time in eight years.

According to the statistics of “Famitsu” in Japan’s physical channel sales from May 9 to 15, Microsoft’s Xbox Series S/X dual consoles sold a total of 6,225 units, beating the Sony PS5 (digital/disc) with a total of 2,693 units. Defeated Sony for the first time after a year.

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Over the years, Japanese players have preferred PlayStation consoles to Xbox consoles. Part of the reason why Microsoft can win is related to the shortage. Sony PS5 market demand is still strong, but only 2,693 consoles can be provided in a single week. Microsoft’s high-end console Xbox Series X is actually only available for sale Out of 105 units, more than 6,000 units are concentrated in the entry-level Xbox Series S. Due to the different display chips used, it has not fallen into a state of being out of stock. It is currently one of the few next-generation hosts that can easily be purchased at the original price through physical channels.

As early as 2020, Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s Xbox, said that Japanese players are increasing rapidly, revealing that the launch of the Game Pass service will attract more consumers to switch to Xbox. It took only 11 months for the new generation of consoles to reach the cumulative sales of the previous generation Xbox One.

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