For every 10% increase in the consumption of highly processed foods, the death rate from ovarian cancer increases by 30%.

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The more processed foods sold in supermarkets that are consumed, the higher the risk of cancer and death from cancer, which is more fatal for women than for men.

On the 1st, CNN in the United States reported the results of this study. According to the article, a research team at Imperial College London University in England investigated the correlation between eating habits and the incidence of cancer through a large-scale cohort study of more than 197,000 people in the UK and published this.

Heavily processed foods include frozen foods, retort foods, processed meats, snacks, carbonated beverages, ice cream, and other processed ready-to-eat foods in factories.

The research team investigated the dietary habits of 197,426 British citizens between 2006 and 2010 to reveal the correlation between highly processed foods and 34 types of cancer. This ranged from those who ate highly processed foods in daily life from a minimum of 9.1 to a maximum of 41.4%.

As a result of the study, it was found that for every 10% increase in the consumption of highly processed food, the incidence of cancer increased by 2% and the death rate from cancer also increased by 6% . Among them, the incidence of ovarian cancer was 19% and the mortality rate of ovarian cancer was the highest at 30%. this

The research team pointed to various food additives used to maintain taste, aroma, texture and freshness in the process of making highly processed foods as the case. These food chemicals build up in the body and cause cancer. In particular, it has been said that the reason for the high risk of ovarian cancer is that food additives affect hormones by disrupting endocrine substances.

Previous studies have also indicated that the higher the intake of highly processed foods, the higher the risk of obesity, heart attack, stroke, and type 2 diabetes.

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