“For Honor” season 5, season 4 “Frozen Coast” debuts “For Honor” on December 9th

Ubisoft announced today that “Frozen Shores”, Season 4, Year 5 of For Honor, will debut on December 9. Later, the “Version 2” released on January 27 will also bring a new hero and other experiences and rewards to the “For Honor” world.

In the quiet winter, all camps gradually recovered from the damage caused by the dangerous storm. However, a mysterious ship came by the rising tide of Heathmore and finally docked at the pier.

From December 9th to December 30th, “For Honor” will hold a limited time “Cold Wind Celebration”. During this event, players can get rich rewards with a free event pass, such as a two-person emoji action, a new battle costume, a special effect, and a decoration. In addition, there are all kinds of weapons waiting for players to get. Players can also purchase advanced content including new battle costumes, decorations, executions, podiums and special effects.

Following the “Test Field” in the previous season, the improvements made to “Ninja” will be added to the official version of the game when it debuts this season. “For Honor” will also reopen the “Test Ground” for the “Power Fight” game mode and “Conqueror” from December 30 to January 6. The changes to “competition” will include improvements in speed of occupation, prestige, strongholds, and other user interfaces.

The “Version 2” released on January 27 will bring a new hero to the “For Honor” world, as well as limited-time experience and rewards. The return of the “Alliance Game” will allow players to play the “Horx’s Whirlpool” game mode. The rewards include a battle costume, a decoration, and a special effect. In addition, the review event “Black Master’s Counterattack” will also bring back the original rewards and weapons.

With more than 25 million players, “For Honor” is now on sale on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms. “For Honor” can also be played on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles through backward compatibility.

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