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London∙ When Rishi Sunak of Indian descent became British Prime Minister, will Sunak’s new decisions be a blow to the proud youth of India? The BBC said that Sunac is in the process of reducing the number of foreign students as part of reducing immigration. Sunak’s office said a decision will be made soon to prevent dependents of students enrolled on poor quality courses from coming to Britain. It is believed that there will be a restriction on the granting of visas to the spouses of the students who come to study.

Sunak’s new decisions will be a huge hurdle for Indian students who dream of immigrating to Britain. The government is preparing to impose restrictions after a huge increase in immigration to the UK was recorded recently. After covid, thousands of students have gone to study in the UK from India.

But the government has not specified the extent of poor quality. Experts in the field of education point out that if such a decision is made, many universities will have to face a huge obstacle. Economists have also stated that imposing immigration restrictions in the current situation will hinder the country’s progress. Indian institutions insist that students arriving temporarily should not be considered immigrants.

According to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there is a huge jump in the number of immigrants to the UK. The migration has increased from 1,73,000 in 2021 to 5,04,000 this year. That is an increase of 3,31,000. Officials explain that the huge increase is due to Indian students coming to the UK in droves, overtaking the Chinese. Home Secretary of Indian origin Suella Braverman had asked Sunak to stop Indian students from staying in the UK after their visas expired. They also blamed Indian immigrants who stay in the country the most.

English Summary: Rishi Sunak Plans Destinations On Foreign Students To Control Migration: Report

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